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At Home with Megan Dufresne

At Home with Megan Dufresne

Megan Dufresne is a wine enthusiast, an interior designer, and founder of MC Design—a full service Commercial and Residential Design Firm transforming spaces across the United States and Mexico.

Read our Q&A with Megan below to learn more about her story, her love for wine, and to be inspired by her beautiful home.


When did your knack for design move from interest to passion?

Prior to starting my own Firm, I worked at Modern Luxury Interiors California Magazine, and as the West Coast Home Furnishings Manager for House Beautiful.

I founded MC Design in 2007 to be able to spread my love of all things beautiful (and organized) to as many people and places as I possibly could.

Being around fabulous design every day brought me an insurmountable amount of joy and fueled my passion for interior design. Eventually, I knew interior design was the next step in my career, and honestly, I love it more now than I ever could have imagined.


For you, what is the perfect day?

They say that if you love what you do, then you’ll never work a day in your life. But since running your own business means that every day is a workday, once you come to accept that, it makes life a lot easier.

So my perfect day consists of waking up without an alarm, going to the gym, doing a little bit of work, shopping, and then spending time with friends, eating delicious food and drinking amazing wine.

What’s your favorite wine?

In summertime I’m a “rose all day” kind of girl, and I’m a huge fan of Ferrari Carano’s Dry Sangiovese Rose.

I’m also really into Champagne these days, and although my go-to is Moët & Chandon Imperial Brut, I recently tried a Bereche & Fils Brut Reserve and it was wonderful, so maybe that will become my new favorite.


What’s your favorite place in the world to drink wine?

 I find it most fulfilling to drink wine with people that fill my soul, so I guess anywhere that I’m surrounded by great friends and family. The location isn’t what’s most important to me (although a killer view never hurts).


Why Wake Up Wine?

My husband and I entertain quite often, which means that we’re constantly opening bottles of wine. Wake Up Wine ensures that our guests are not waiting around with empty glasses while the wine takes its time to breathe and become drinkable. Having a decanter that speeds this process up ensures that the wine is always flowing—as it should be at any good entertainer’s home!

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