About Beväge

Beväge® patented the only technology which ages spirits and wines (especially younger ones) 5-7 years in just minutes, without affecting their personality! We all want the better wines and spirits, but they're expensive, so we increased the taste value between 2-10x. 

Beväge® is Evolutionary and Revolutionary. In 40,000 taste tests around the world, it accomplished the rare 100% rate of success. It's due in minority to its' Evolutionary patented optimizing sustaining decanting methodology (rather than momentary) to deliver perfect decanting in wines (red, white, and rose). As mentioned above, its' Revolutionary due to its utility patented Cool-LED "WAT" technology which delivers a decisive majority of its taste optimization (80%). 

Beväge® delivered perfection in 100% of its taste tests and as a result, it was awarded "Product of the Year" in 2021 by the major retailers in Europe. It's been shared by multiple Sommeliers and Cellar Masters that the tasting benefits are so obvious, (since it effortlessly worked with everything taste tested), that if one can't taste the difference there's nothing one can do to fix "taste blindness". Enjoy!


40,000 Taste Tests
In more than 40,000 global consumer, trade, and sommelier tests, Beväge® performed at 100% of both improved aroma and palate sensory experiences. Validated by independent scientific laboratory testing of dissolved oxygen measured over a five-hour period.
Patented Science
Savor a consistently superior tasting spirit or wine in minutes simultaneously using two Patented Aging + Decanting Technologies: S-Velocity Technology known as Optimal Speed Rotation (OSR) and Wavelength Aging Technology (WAT) non-UV, cool-light exposure.
Versatile & Reliable
Perfect for Spirits, Wines and Beverages including juices, coffees and teas! By improving taste Beväge® delivers a duplicatable experience every time with an increase in same glass sales. So an $8 wine now tastes like a $50 wine and a $20 spirit taste like an $80 spirit.


Softens tannins, greatly improved approachability and mouthfeel while leaving you with a lingering finish to ask for more. Once you've discovered that "WOW" or "OMG" with your favorite spirits, wines or beverages-you'll never want to drink without it.

Beväge™ gives that recently opened bottle of wine a second chance at tasting great, instead of pouring it out. Taste testers agree that after a few minutes of aging and decanting with Beväge™, the afforable sprit or wine takes on the rich flavors, aromas and palate experience of a bottle valued at 6X it's price! Beväge™ pays for itself after just a few bottles of wine or spirit.

Available with the following Features and Options:

  • Premium lead-free, dishwasher-safe glass with: 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, and 12oz & 750ml Measurements
  • Airtight Glass Stopper
  • Super-Fine Sediment Strainer
  • User-Friendly Touch Control Panel
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  • 750ml Glass Decanter (Extra)
  • 375ml Glass Decanter (Optional)

About Beväge™