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We're glad you asked! Yes, It certainly works with any wine (white, rosé and red) and all spirits including Whiskey, Tequila, Vodka, Brandy, Cognac, etc. as well as all other spirits. Beverages such as Juices, kombucha and vinegars also are smoother, more flavorful and taste better! Experiment and you'll see it makes all the difference in taste! We advise avoiding highly viscous liquids such as smoothies and shake since they can inhibit the S-Velocity spinner from rotating and achieving Optimum Speed Rotation (OSR)™.

We strongly advise filling the proprietary Beväge™ 750 ml (or optional *375 ml) glass decanter only up to the “Max” fill line. (This is just below the Beväge™ logo etched/printed on the glass decanter - see users guide for exact the exact location.) If you fill higher than this level, it may affect the recommended time guide suggestions since the Optimum Speed Rotation (OSR)™ will not be obtained due to the added liquid weight and the reduced oxygen availability inside the decanter.

No. Should a wine, spirit or beverage in the proprietary Beväge™ decanter not be fully consumed, the user can place its airtight glass stopper (included) on top of the Beväge™ glass decanter for interim storage. It's highly advised that opened wines and beverages which have been aged, decanted and beväged™ be refrigerated to extend their maximum drinkable shelf life. Red wines last not more than 1-2 days and white wines not more than 5-6 days (typically, depending on the age of the wine). Spirits do not require refrigeration.

Beväge™ has patented technologies that only work optimally when the Beväge™ Pro base unit and the Beväge™ proprietary 750 ml and 375 ml glass decanters are used together. Only glass decanters manufactured by Beväge™ deliver optimum results since ALL OTHER DECANTERS LACK our proprietary patented S-Velocity spinner. Our Proprietary Beväge™ glass decanter can be used as a stand-alone decanter but will not deliver the optimum and expected enhanced tasting results which occur only when using the Beväge™ Pro base with the Proprietary Beväge™ glass decanter.

Although it will not cause any harm, we highly advise leaving the glass stopper off so there is an optimum airflow into the decanter for your beverage of choice while beväging™. The Airtight Glass Stopper is placed on top of the Beväge™ Proprietary decanter.

The Super fine Sediment Screen/Cork Catcher™ is used by placing it on top of the Beväge™ Proprietary decanter before pouring older wines or liquids with sediment (or a broken cork) to prevent them from getting into your beverage.

DO NOT USE with a Fast-Charge USB-C Adapter. Beväge™ Pro comes with a USB TYPE-A to USB-C cable and works with any USB TYPE-A power Adapter. Non-warranty damage will occur with risk of fire. If the USB TYPE-A to USB-C cable is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent, or similarly qualified persons to avoid a hazard. Before operating, ensure the USB TYPE-A to USB-C cable is in perfect condition.

These measuring marks can be used to measure any pour into your proprietary Beväge™ decanter. They are round circles with two wings and are directly below the etched/printed Beväge™ logo on the Beväge™ Pro decanter. On the 750 ml glass decanter the measuring marks show fill levels for 750 ml, 12oz, 8 oz., 6 oz., and 4 oz. On the 375 ml glass decanter the measuring marks show fills for 375 ml, 8 oz., 6 oz., and 4 oz (see owners manual for additional clarity on what these images look like).

Carbonated drinks such as champagne, soda, kombucha, or beer require slowing the rotational spin speed so that carbonation levels remain close to their original levels. Slowing the Spinning Speed: To enable this slower speed: Enter the preferred/desired time and once the rotation has started, press, and hold the (-) minus button for 1 to 2 seconds. A minus symbol will appear in the top right of the backlit LCD screen. To return to the standard rotational speed; once the preferred time is entered and the rotation has started, press and hold the (+) plus button for 1 to 2 seconds and the minus symbol (-) will disappear from the top right of the backlit LCD screen.

After entering the preferred/desired time of use and rotation engages, tap the reset button and hold for 3 to 4 seconds. A speaker symbol with a vertical line will disappear in the top left of the backlit LCD confirming the completion tone is now off: the completion tone will remain silenced until this process is repeated.

You may observe a noise that comes from spinning - but is intentional. This noise is a part of the design to obtain the optimal spin with maximum vortex when using Beväge™.

You will find a centering ring in your Beväge™ Pro Unit that is used to support the base of the optional 375 ml Decanter. When storing this in the Beväge™ Carrying Case, we recommend gently placing the ring over the neck of the 375 ml decanter and then placing it into the Carry Case. Do not fold the 375 ml Ring in the case as damage will occur to the ring over time. (375 ml Decanter and Beväge™ Carrying Case sold separately)


Beväge™ makes drinking great tasting spirits, wines, and beverages super easy for you. We created a Recommended Time Guide (download it here) for you to use. It offers a time recommendation of use guide of how long to use your Beväge™ Pro with the beverages of your choice for optimal tasting results!

In our experience, should you inadvertently add too much time for a spirit, wine or beverage and it tastes less dynamic than typically expected, we encourage waiting approximately 5 to 7 minutes (after completion) to allow it to capture again its optimum tasting enhancement maximum.

OLDER VINTAGES OFTEN NEED LESS TIME. For example, 20-year-old wines may require only 50% of the suggested time in the Recommended Time Guide.

Beväge™ Technology for Aging-Wavelength Aging Technology (WAT™): is 80% of its functional benefit. It balances the beverage and allows for more complexity and a greater tasting experience. Numerous intricate chemical reactions unfold over time, contributing to substantial alterations or even transformations that cannot be achieved through simple decanting processes. Beväge™ Decanting Technology known as Optimal Speed Rotation (OSR™) is 20% of its functional benefit and significantly enhances and optimizes - making a younger wine taste "softer" and more pleasant to drink - but it's not a substitute for aging.

Since the Beväge Pro™ has the ability to recall how much time remains from the initial time set, you can experiment and find the right time using your taste buds by using the 50% time and lifting the decanter off the base to do a taste test prior to it completing to see if meets too your liking and if not, it can be placed back onto the Beväge™ Pro base.


Your Beväge™ Pro base arrives typically with its lithium-ion battery charged but should be plugged in before first use to charge fully. The Beväge™ Pro model operates up to 4.5 hours (Bottle after bottle) of continuous use! This allows you to charge it with the included USB-A to USB-C Cable and then take it with you on a picnic, a hike or enjoying a sunset at the beach.

Absolutely! Beväge™ can be used plugged in, or with the battery charged, just be certain to turn on the power switch on the backside first.

The Battery Level Light Gauge indicates the charge level of the internal battery. The corresponding light will blink during charging reflecting the level of charge amount. This will continue blinking until fully charged.

••••• 5 lights = 100 percent charge
•••• 4 lights = 80 percent charge
••• 3 lights = 60 percent charge
•• 2 lights = 40 percent charge
• 1 light = 20 percent charge

Yes! It is important to carry on only the Beväge™ Pro BASE UNIT since it has a lithium-ion battery. Like your cell phone (due to FAA safety regulations) it must be packed only in a carry-on bag and not checked in with your luggage. Reminder – do NOT attempt to remove the battery from the base unit.

DO NOT THROW AWAY the cardboard sleeve (inside the decanter) covering the S-Velocity spinner at the bottom of the Beväge™ glass decanter. In the unlikely event that the S-Velocity Spinner accidentally becomes dislodged, it is essential for easy reinstallation of the S-Velocity Spinner onto the glass spindle at the bottom center of the glass decanter.


YES! Beväge™ is lead-free and dishwasher safe! Most wine and spirit lovers know soap leaves a residual taste, so we’ll leave the final decision up to you whether you’d prefer hand washing without soap, or not.

Do not submerge the Beväge Pro™ base into water for cleaning. You may use soap but make certain NOT TO USE harsh or abrasive cleaning agents of sharp instruments when cleaning the base unit. Please unplug the Beväge™ Pro base unit for the USB-A to USB-C cable before cleaning or maintenance.

Yes. The Beväge™ product is covered by a Limited Warranty from the date of purchase. Should a Beväge™ product have a defect in material or workmanship within the warranty period, subject to applicable terms as summarized in the owners manual, Bevage LLC, at our sole discretion will repair or replace it with the same model or comparable replacement free of charge, or apply such other remedy as described below.


For support with your Beväge™, to make a claim, or request a hard copy version of this warranty please contact our Bevage LLC Consumer Support Team by emailing us at cs@bevage.com, or by visiting our Support page. You must email cs@bevage.com to initiate a warranty claim. You will need the purchase receipt as proof of purchase. We also ask that you register your product online at www.bevage.com and have the product on hand when you call, so we may better assist you. A Customer Service Specialist will provide you with return and packing instruction information.

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