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How Beväge Works & What Makes Beväge Unique


LYTESPYN™ Technology

LYTESPYN™ Technology is the exclusive point of difference between BEVÄGE™ and any other
spirit and wine aerating decanter design.

LYTESPYN combines two patented technologies:

Ages Wine and Spirits Up To 10 Years

Ages Wine and Spirits Up To 10 Years

BEVÄGE’s™ LYTESPYN™ technology, utilizes specific light frequencies to age the wine and alcoholic beverages up to 10 years. The Beväge™ technology mirrors exactly what spirit and winemakers intended, if only their wine or spirit bottles had more time to age before drinking.

Improve the Taste of
Any Beverage In Only Minutes

Aging simply can’t happen fast enough without Beväge’s™ multiple utility patented light aging technology and simultaneous perfectly-optimized spin decanting, which in only minutes, delivers premium taste results for spirits, wines, and beverages.

Beväge™ simultaneously delivers aging (for the first time ever) including optimized and enhanced spirits and perfected wine decanting in just minutes. The result?

  • A clear, obvious, and dramatic taste improvement.
  • Especially apparent in acidic, vinegary wine varietals and spirits.
  • Dynamically greater aromatics.
  • Flavors with full expression.
  • Balance of acidity and smoothness.
  • Substantially improved mouthfeel and finish.

Beväge Decants Wine in Just Minutes - a target that Competitive Products Never Reach even if they spend hours trying!

Beväge’s™ predominant functional utility patent is its Wavelength Aging Technology (WAT)™ which uses specific light frequencies to safely age bottled spirits and wines without altering the wine and spirit makers intended personalities. Our aging technology uses specific light frequencies in order to not alter any beverage, wine or sprits personality in a negative way.

Decanting, (whether momentary or extended), never ages wines or spirits. The decanting of wines, especially red wines, minimally take at least one hour to notice a taste difference. Today, no one wants or has the time to wait around to start enjoying optimum tasting wine. Decanting, as seen in the two charts below, traditionally takes nearly 5 hours to get almost to an ideal tasting result for a red wine. Momentary aerating/decanting products will NEVER reach the optimum time of aging, nor will they ever deliver a uniform, balanced, optimized tasting result. To date, there are no other known effective aging solutions for wines or spirits besides Beväge™.

white wine optimized decantingwhite wine optimized decanting
Red wine optimized decantingRed wine optimized decanting
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